Food For Friends

by Suzy Nielsen on August 25, 2010

Food For Friends by Fran Warde

We got a new shipment of books into the shop, yesterday. I Love books to begin with, but cooking books are just divine. Don’t you think? I like to just peruse the books we get in just to familiarize myself with what were selling, but also to sneak a peek of some of the recipes. So today’s pick is “Food For Friends” by Fran Warde.

It inspired me.

So I held a dinner party for my friends. My sister came, too. She blogged about it and you can read her post here…

And the recipe that I used from the book was Artichoke and Tomato Bread Puffs. . .

Artichoke and Tomato Bread Puffs

. . . the results

Served on my antique lilac transferware. (sorry that’s not for sale)

What you can’t see is the melted fresh mozarella on there.

We had a lovely evening out in the garden for the first part. Unfortunately it began to rain so we moved inside. But no worries. It’s about the companionship and the food, right?

We followed the “puff” with a plate of cheeses from local Vermont farms.

For the main course we had roast chicken stuffed with an herb plum dressing. You see I’d gone on a bit of a plum kick. Rosemary potatoes, salad, and beans from the garden on the side.

We finished the evening inside with a yummy vanilla panna cotta.

Food for friends, Vermont style.

Bon Appetit!

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